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The volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute want to put "the American Dream" into practice as in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The American Dream, the dream of men of all races, creeds, national backgrounds, living together as brothers." Volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute pursue happiness in the happiness of others through volunteerism and philanthropy. Atlantic Institute members and volunteers have been working diligently to fulfill the above mentioned principles


1001 Inventions: The Muslim Scientific Heritage in Our World at MOSH

August 5 through September 14, 2017

“1001 Inventions combines science and history, the Museum’s two main disciplines, and it creates a platform for learning, helping to connect and build a global community,” said MOSH curator Paul Bourcier. “It’s important for people to know that, throughout history, people from all different cultural backgrounds have made important contributions to the world in which we live. These cultures still exist today, and they’re here in Jacksonville. Whether your interest is in gardens, games, fabrics, fashions, clocks, cameras, medicine, math, languages, art, astronomy or geography, you’ll find something fascinating in this show.”

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